Our Fees

You deserve a financial advisory firm that’s on your side and committed to taking care of your whole financial life—not just the part that’s most profitable.

At Mitlin Financial, we’re proud to stand out as a client-centered firm, with a compensation model that backs up our duty to put clients’ interests first.

How the Industry is Rigged Against You

Many industry professionals are brokers who function essentially as salespeople: They are paid sales commissions from product providers when they persuade clients to buy investments or insurance. Even the best-intentioned brokers operate under a serious conflict of interest. They must continually weigh their own interests—including higher compensation from selling higher-commission products—against what’s best for their clients.

Brokers focus on selling investments or insurance. Because this is where they make their money, they have a conflict of interest when it comes to your vital planning needs.

If you’re not aware of the sales culture within the brokerage industry, one reason is that some of these folks no longer call themselves brokers. By calling themselves advisors, they’re hiding their stripes. Furthermore, few advisors are transparent about how they’re compensated.

Why Mitlin is Different

At Mitlin Financial, we use a compensation structure that supports our fiduciary obligation to put clients’ interests first.

We charge clients an annual percentage of assets under management, an hourly rate or a fixed retainer fee. This frees us to recommend only what’s best for our clients, with zero consideration of commissions. Furthermore, when it comes to investment products, we are paid only by our clients and thus we are accountable only to our clients.

Please note: Certain insurance products are structured such that they can only be sold with a commission. In the event that we recommend and help obtain such products, we will clearly disclose our compensation to the client, And you will always be given the opportunity to obtain the insurance product from a source other than Mitlin.

As a consumer, fee structure and transparency are critically important. And those are two of the areas where Mitlin Financial stands apart.