Frequently Asked Questions

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Who does Mitlin Financial serve?

In order to maintain the highest standard of service, we work with a limited number of clients where there is a good mutual fit. Those clients typically have significant accumulated assets and are comfortable relying on us for investment and planning guidance. Our clients include business owners, authors and a cross-section of other successful people. We also work with a trusted advisory partner to serve corporate retirement plan clients.

How are you compensated?

Mitlin Financial’s compensation structure is organized to provide client-centered financial advice while minimizing the possibility of conflict of interest. Brokers are paid through sales commissions—giving them an incentive to potentially steer clients into investments based on what the advisor stands to earn. We charge clients an annual percentage of assets under management, a fixed or hourly rate, or some combination of all three. This allows us to focus on giving clients the best advice and recommendations without regard to what we stand to earn. In certain cases, we do recommend insurance for which sales commissions are the only available compensation structure. In these cases, we clearly disclose our compensation and give clients the opportunity to obtain the insurance product from sources other than us.

What’s a fiduciary?

Brokers are subject to a “suitability standard” of client care, one that allows them to consider their own compensation as they choose investments and other solutions to recommend to clients.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, Mitlin Financial is bound by law to provide a fiduciary level of service to our clients. That means that we must always put our clients’ best interests ahead of our own interests, including our compensation level. We have proactively chosen to operate as a fiduciary because we believe all clients should be able to implicitly trust their financial advisor.

What services do you provide?

Mitlin Financial is committed to help you reach your goals and feel confident along the way. We provide comprehensive financial planning as well as investing services. We also work as the “quarterback” when outside experts such as CPAs and attorneys help to implement your financial plan: We coordinate the efforts of your entire team to make sure your plan is being executed smoothly. In addition, we work with employers who require assistance in evaluating, identifying and implementing retirement plans.

What is holistic advice?

When we say that we provide holistic advice, it means that we look at all the elements of your financial life. After all, financial success isn’t defined just by your investment performance. Because we do not rely on sales commissions for our compensation, we are free to give our attention to your entire financial life, from investing to cash flow management to retirement and estate planning and more.

How do I move my assets to Mitlin Financial?

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation to learn if we are a mutual fit. If that proves to be the case, asset transfer is simple. Please contact us today at:

Mitlin Financial Inc.
140 Adams Avenue, Suite B-12
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(844) 4-MITLIN